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Why is our site unique?
There are many sites or mobile apps which present results and standings from World Cup 2022 in Qatar. And this is not our primary aim. We add something special to it.

Who Will Qualify offers to you the possibility to simulate the standings in all groups based on your entry. Simply fill results you suppose to be reached and we calculate - based on FIFA qualifying rules - simulated standings. Try as many variants as you want.

And this is not all we do...
After a match is finished, we add the result into our database as well as the information about booking. The real group standings is calculated immediately, based on FIFA regulation. You can add your own results of remaining matches a make your forecast of final standing anytime. The simulated standings will be calculated based on FIFA qualifying regulation taking the booking into account, so the standing is as accurate as possible.

When two last matches in a group remain, we calculate the all-covering qualifying scenarios for all the teams in a group.

Before last round starts, you can see the probability of the qualifying as well as probability of elimination for each team.
When two last matches in the group are left to play, we calculate the probability that a specific team will qualify or will be eliminated. The results are math only. It means we do not work with the team's strength or shape. We only calculate all possible match results and combine them and then calculate how many combinations lead to the qualifying/elimination of a specific team.
All we need are the match results inlucding information about yellow and red card given. And this is public information, so do not worry we do something wrong. The group standings we calculated based on FIFA World cup regulation .
The 2022 World Cup in Qatar kicks off on Sunday November 20 at the Al Bayt Stadium when the hosts take on Ecuador in Group A.

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